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That was easy isn't it? Now here comes something a little more challenging. Pitstop #3 is hidden somewhere in our website! In order to find pitstop #3, you need to complete a series of questions and the answers to those questions will help you find the page where it is located. Don't worry, it's not as difficult as it sounds. The answers for it can easily be googled if you find yourself stuck or clueless.

Question 1: In the story Alice In Wonderland, which 

character carries a watch?


Question 2: What animal is that character?

Question 3: That animal does not run on two feet, it ____CES.

Question 4: When happily ever after, Disney princesses live in ___TLES.

Combine the answers from Question 3 and 4 to find Pitstop #3.

HINT: Services tab

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