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How to choose your venue for you kid's birthday party and how to plan them to your best advantage

This is the top favorite venue for parents. Air conditional place with swimming pool. Chairs and tables provided .Also so much cheaper then booking from a restaurant or country club. Decoration are also very easy.

Hello Parents !!

Here i am back to publish a short article on how to ” DIY your own children birthday party series" on my blog. So please enjoy it and share if you liked it.

To start off with ” DIY your own children birthday party series ”

The FIRST thing you need to do is to find and book a venue for the birthday party.

This is extremely important MOMMIES, find the venue first then worry about other things later.

There is a few venue for you to choose from. You can held the party in a Restaurant, a school , your house, MPH, condo function room ,your personal country club, chalet or even an indoor/outdoor playground.

When i was asked to suggest venues to mommies who engaged my Party packages. They always liked to ask me which is the best place to choose from all these venues?

For me all the venues are the same to me as long as you gets the few tips tick off your check list. So please read on.

#1 Tip

Choose the location which is easily accessible for your guests.


Believe me , if the location are hard for your guests to reach ( Even thou Singapore is a small country ) You can expect a last minute ” NO SHOW” from your guests. Excuses ranging from ” my child is sick ”  to ” urgent matter ” will pop up here and there ( that could be true ). While these happen , your mood will be affected by it and of cause lots of foods will be wasted in the end.

#2 Tip

Location which provide enough parking spaces.


A lot of your guests you are going to invite may be driving . Making parking easy and available for them will ensure their good mood as they appear at the door. Be thoughtful for them and they will be thoughtful for you too.

#3 Tip

Find the almost perfect timing for them to come


Usually birthday parties are held on weekend and Some kids may have tuition in the morning.

So while inviting them talk about what time the party will start so they can adjust their schedule. Also having to go to a party starting at 8am on a Sunday morning can be a real headache for most working parents.

#4 Tip

Mark Your Location


Mark you party with balloons near the entrance of the building. So while they drive or wait pass they will know they are in the right place.

Now lets talk about the venue


Mr Egg performing magic and ventroliqist to children at Prive Cafe
Magic show singapore

Mr Egg performing at Prive cafe

Restaurant is a good place, hot food will be serve. You will never run out of drinks and foods for your guest. Service from the waitress and waiter will make everyone life easier while dinning there. Also you does not need to clean up the place after the party end.

Points to keep note

1. Design of restaurant may not be children friendly. So you had to decorate the place. There will only be a certain amount of hours you and your guests can party there and that's Depending on how many guests you be inviting. Bigger the place the more money u had to put in for decoration and foods. FYI some restaurant does not allow decoration. So ask the restaurant before hand in decoration. Also again it could be more expensive then other venue🙂

* School

Mr Egg perfoming magic at pre school
Birthday Party Venue

Mr Egg Performing Magic For pre-school

I love performing in school!! First You don't need to worry about not enough kids in the party because there will be full of it. The place Children friendly so there are no need of decoration. The school serve lunch so no need of ordering catering and all you need is to bring goodie bags and a cake.

Points to keep note

1. Of course, you cant invite parents over since it a school. Everything you going to plan for the party you had to talk to the principal first. ( Most of them are very kind ) whole party become super simple. Basically it performance ( if there is any ) sing birthday song , cut cake and go home. If you are looking for a delight simple birthday party ,this will be it

* Your house

Mr Egg performing magic in home
Birthday Packages for home

Mr Egg performing Magic , Puppet , balloons, game and cake cutting

This is your house, you can do anything with it. No Time limit ! You can even cook your own food for the party

Points to take note.

1. You may need to hire catering. There may not be enough space for all the kids and parents. Clean up after the party. Decoration may be needed and you need to rent chairs.


BIrthday Party
MPH Birthday Party

Mr Egg performing at MPH

Big enough for everyone to come and party, great rental price !

Points to keep note

1. Lots of decoration need due to the big space. Rental of chairs and table. Catering may be needed. May be humid for guests. Clean up after the party.

*Condo Function Room

Mr Egg performing children magic at birthday party
Mr Egg performing children magic at birthday party

Mr Egg performing children magic at birthday party

This is the top favorite venue for parents. Air conditional place with swimming pool. Chairs and tables provided .Also so much cheaper then booking from a resturant or country club. Decoration are also very easy.

Points to note.

1. Some function room tend to be too small. You may need to hire catering. Clean up after the party. I always find that the most disadvantage about this is the time slot. First you can only book the place one month before the date. Then they only give u a 4 hr slot. It can be a little hasty in the end. But still one of the best place to hold a birthday party.

*Country club and play house

Mr Egg performing at a The American club

Everything are provided.

Points to keep notes

1. Most country club provide everything u need in your party. From entertainer to foods. Of cause you just need to spend a bit more then usual rate. Parking may be hard for some clubs.

* Chalet

Mr Egg performing at a chalet

This is the most tricky venue. First most chalet are very far from central which mean some guests may not come. Most chalets are not big enough to hold alot of guests. Other then bbq, you may also need to hire catering.

This is the end of part 1. Hope this article can help you in any way. Till next time

Stay Eggy


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