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It's that time of the year again for celebrations and reunion dinners! Chinese New Year is around the corner and everyone's excited for the holidays!

While the adults and parents are busy spring cleaning, shopping and preparing for the big day tomorrow, keep the children busy by allowing them to take over the decor duties! It's the perfect opportunity for them to get involved, get their hands on some arts and craft, and let their creativity roam free. All you need are some red money packets, glue, a pair of scissors, pencil, some colourful papers and a few other common items laying around the house!

Here are some super cute Chinese new year themed deco ideas that are easy for kids!

1) Paper lanterns

Step 1: Select Paper, Cut Handle and Fold

Start with coloured paper to match the colour theme of your party. You can use copier/computer paper (letter-size) or construction paper (9" by 12"). Cut off a strip of paper ½" wide from one end of the paper that measures the width of the paper—8½" or 9". Fold the sheet of paper in half lengthwise.

Step 2: Mark Lines and Cut📷

Mark a line across the length of the folded paper ½" in from the open edge.

Make marks every ½" along this line, then draw lines at each mark straight to the folded edge—marking ½" wide strips. Cut on these lines from the folded edge to the original marked line. Cut through both layers of paper. Open the paper flat. If the marks are very noticeable, gently erase them.

Step 3: Tape

Bring the edges together in a cylindrical shape with the cut strips running vertically. Be sure that the fold is on the outside of the lantern. Tape the edges together at the top, middle, and bottom. You may use staples instead of tape.

Step 4: Add Handle and Hang

Attach the handle, cut in Step 1, to one end of the lantern with tape or staples.

The lanterns will stand on their own. They can be hung individually from their handles or loosely tied at intervals along a cord or rope hung overhead.

2) Angbao paper fish

Draw a line in the middle of the red packet to create two triangles.

Cut out the fish shape with the help of the lines together with tails and heads.

Cross the tails to create the shape of fish tails and staple them together.

Loop a red thread on top of the fish so you can hang it on your tree or window!

3) Paper dragons

Step 1: With a black pencil, use your imagination to draw the head and tail of a dragon. Colour them in with markers or coloured pencil, and then cut your dragon head and tail along the lines with a pair of scissors

Step 2: Draw the hands and body on a separate piece of paper and cut them out.

Step 3: Trace the shape of your hand on paper and cut it out. Repeat this step to get at least 5 or 6 hand shapes for the dragon’s body and remember to colour each with a different colour. Overlap and stick them together to create the dragon’s body.

Step 4: Glue the dragon’s head, body, and hands together to complete the dragon. Paste it on the wall for decoration or turn it into a puppet by glueing ice cream sticks behind the head and tail!

4) Paper fans

Step 1: Open up the glued edges of an angbao packet to get a rectangular piece of paper or you can also use coloured paper with any design of your choice. Feel free to draw or paint your design

Step 2: Fold the paper like an accordion, and then fold the accordion in half!

Step 3: Staple the bottom to keep the fan in shape.

This paper fan can be hung on walls or as cute center pieces on the dining table for the reunion dinner!

5) Paper fortune cookies

Step 1: Let the kids write down well wishes or sweet messages on a small rectangular piece of paper.

Step 2: Draw circles on angbao packets using the lid or bottom of water bottle as a stencil and then cut it out.

Step 3: Fold the circles in half but only crease the middle part. Open it and fold it in half in the other direction. You will find the crease from earlier. Join two ends to each other and secure with double sided tape.

Repeat step 1 to step 4 to create more fortune cookies. Place your finished cookies on your table or inside a basket.

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