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Singapore Kids Party Planner


Mr Egg’s Magic Show


Mr Egg will put up a highly interactive magic show for his favourite audience – Kids.  Yes! You are right! KIDS !! Because he love kids!!

He will show his love to them by bringing them into a magical world of mysteries and funny gags that promise the kids will roll on the floor laughing their teeths off.

Imagine Mr Egg magically appear Red Sponge balls out of the ears of the birthday child creating a highly interactive moment with all the kids in the party!,

The show will then involve into everyone shouting the magic words which turn a Sock into a big happy birthday silk just for the birthday kid also did I tell you that the birthday kid will end up with a helping the Mr Egg on stage !! This will not only let the birthday kid remember the party but a perfect moment for photo taking!

Of course Mr Egg will also include a TEACH-A-TRICK session with the kids , Magic involving with colours , handkercheif and last but not least Woody the forgetful birdy or Honey the bunny will come out to make the kids laugh and sing a happy birthday song to youe kid!!!

Of course all these magic tricks are proven effective and fun by Mr egg with his years of experience with kids.

Rest assured Mr egg will keep the kids all engaged, amazed, laughing and thoroughly entertained.  A show you don’t want your kids to miss, from a hilarious birthday party planner!


Mr Egg’s Balloons Extravagance Give Out


Make your party come to live with balloons.... Add colours, excitement and fun to your party with balloon sculptures.  Kids love balloons!  Adults LOVE them too!

Not only will Mr Egg  be tying up colourful balloons with top grade balloons from United states (that last long), he will entertain requests from kids on what they want for their balloons!  Yes, THEY CAN CHOOSE WHAT THEY WANT!

Be it a flower, a dog or even a Dinosaur !!!  We will do our every BEST in fulfilling what the kids want for a balloon magic party
As Mr Egg is known to love kids, rather than just twisting balloons, he will make funny jokes and even perform some magic tricks for them while twisting balloons!  If the kid is lucky, he/she will get to see him perform his FAMOUS Behind the Back Balloon Twist!!   At the end of the day, EVERY SINGLE KID will return home with wonderful balloon creation.

Mr Egg takes the time to be the best for you because performing is his life’s passion.



Nothing brings more joy to parents than to see their children playing together happily.

Mr egg will gather the kids for a fun and interactive game time for all ! Kids will be answering questions asked by Mr Egg himself, you are going to witness a high level of energy given out by the kids! Mr egg can also be playing a teasure hunt game where the kids need to find a missing item for Mr egg. Surely this is going to be a fun and memoriable time for the kids. Also every KID WILL BE PRESENTED with presents even they did or did not answer the question correctly. Because MR egg believe no kid should be left out.



Birthday Cake Cutting Ceremony

Finding it hard to gather the kids around the birthday cake cutting? Don’t worry, Mr Egg is here!!! 

Mr Egg will personally gather the kids around the birthday child for a cake cutting ceremony.  Singing birthday song and taking photo that will create memories which last forever.  This will be the best birthday cake cutting ceremony the parents will ever experience!  Therefore making the birthday child feel even more special on their big day!

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