About Us

Dear Mums, Kids and babies!

We are your number one party

planner providing both moms and their children with resources to enhance their birthday parties.


Mr Egg is Singapore's favourite children's magician. He is a children's party planner and event entertainer. He is based in Singapore.


Throughout the years of a performing professional, Mr Egg have discovered many talents in the children entertainment industry. Together with Mr Egg, they set up a team to provide the best entertainment service any parents can ask for!

Meet Our Staffs

Mr Derick Ho

Birthday Parties



I am Derick Ho, I be talking to you and sharing my experience and advice on how to have a great birthday party for your kids!

Arshanti Allan Chand
Marketing Manager
Arshanti manages and execute all aspects of the marketing department for Mr Egg Magic. She is experienced in producing viral and quirky campaigns. Her spirit animal is a Pony.



Mr Tom maintains the cleanliness and quality of our equipments


Sales manager


He will be the one talking to you

Miss Muffy

Face Painter



Miss Muffy had been a professional entertainer for kids all ages.

She is also a Dancer and fluent in Chinese, english and Russian.




Our F1 Delivery Driver