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Themed ideas for children's birthday parties in Singapore!

When planning a birthday party, we parents tend to go over the top! You can spend hours on party planning but if the party feel does not relate with your kid, the final result may not be worth all the effort after all!

Start with thinking about what your child likes best. Is it teddy bears? Animals? Princesses? Surprising them with a party surrounded with the things they like most would instantly put a smile on their face!

Here is a list of popular theme ideas for children's birthday parties in Singapore, ones that you can easily pull off without much effort! We will also be recommending what our 3-in-1 premium package can do for your themed party.

Teddy bear theme

Parties are meant to be 'beary' fun! This party theme is easy to put together as it includes a mix of cute items that are readily available from that kawaii shop in your nearby neighbourhood shopping centres.

Easy DIY tip: Use your home printer to print up some teddy bear heads, then cut it up and paste it on toothpicks for easy cupcake deco. It can also be used as tiny forks for the small snacks.

Mr Egg provides mascot services for birthday parties too and two of the popular ones are for teddy bear themes! @ only $349 you can book the 3-in-1 yellow teddy bear theme package that comes with your choice of one of these mascot, Business class #2 bouncy castle and one hour of free flow lemon flavoured cotton candy.

Princess theme

If your little girl is the girly princessy type or a huge Disney princess lover, plan an all pink birthday party! Most party supply shops in Singapore sells pink disposable food utensils like plastic plates and paper cups, and then pair it up with pink balloons and banners and you're almost half way there!

For the birthday cake, our local bakeries almost usually provides princess themed ones that costs around $30 or if you have a bigger budget we recommend the Swensen's Disney Princess ice cream cakes! Be sure to book 7 days in advance though. You can self collect it at your nearest Swensens restaurant or have it delivered to your door step! Don't worry about it melting as it comes in a box filled with dry ice!

For more additional fun, there's the Mr Egg's 3-in-1 princess theme package @ only $349, we offer a princess theme bouncy castle, 1 hour of free flow pink cotton candy and 30 pcs sand art activity that comes with 2 kiddy tables and 10 stools. It's one of our most sought after package for girly birthday parties!

Superhero theme

For your little superhero or heroine, or the grown-up superhero in you! There’s something about a cape and the thought of magical super powers that never goes out of style for a birthday party.

Make a DIY torchlight signaller like the one in Batman! Save toilet rolls, or paper towel rolls, to make these superhero signallers which kids can shine a torch through to cast their very own superhero symbol onto a wall or fence. Cut out silhouettes of a star or lightning bolt or crescent from cardboard and glue onto cling wrap or clear cellophane. Remember, the symbols need to be small enough to fit within the diameter of the paper roll.  Wrap cling wrap or coloured cellophane around the end of the paper toilet or towel roll and secure with tape or an elastic band. Darken the room and have the kids shine a little torch through the open end of the roll. The symbol will be beamed on the wall or ceiling, much to their delight! A good one for sleepover parties!

For some extra fun, Mr Egg's 3-in-1 superhero theme package @ only $349 offers Business class #3 bouncy castle, face painting and fun games catered to the superhero theme.

Dragon / dinosaur theme

Relive the dinosaur or medieval ages with this party theme! There’s something about these prehistoric creatures that make the kids go mad for them.

A fun yet yummy idea is to serve some MILO DINOSAURS!!


  • 1 1/2 Cups whole milk

  • 1/3 Cup milo powder + more for garnish

  • 1 tablespoon of sugar

  • 2-3 scoops vanilla ice cream

  • worm gummy candies to decorate

  • Whipped cream


  1. Warm milk in a saucepan or in microwave.

  2. Add milo powder and sugar to a glass measure, then add warm milk and stir constantly for 90 seconds or until powder and sugar are dissolved.

  3. Fill rocks glass to top with crushed ice, then pour milo milk over crushed ice.

  4. Top each glass with a heaping teaspoon of milo powder, add straw and serve

For some extra fun, book the Mr Egg's 3-in-1 dinosaur/dragon package @ only $349 that comes with our medieval dragon bouncy castle, one hour of free flow blue cotton candy and balloon twisting catered to this boyish theme!

Carnival theme

Ever since The Greatest Showman hit the cinemas, kids and adults alike from all over the world have been mesmerised and captivated once more with carnivals and circuses. So why not incorporate the theme into your kid’s birthday party?

Looking for some interesting homemade carnival games for kids? Add this Bean Bag Animal Toss to your other DIY carnival games for the kids to play! All you need are a bunch of bean bag stuffed animals, some tin cans, and a group of happy, excited party guests who are eager to play!

Nothing screams "CARNIVAL" more than a popcorn machine! Book the Mr Egg's 3-in-1 carnival theme package that comes with a popcorn machine, any sized bouncy castle and inflatable game booths!

Babies, Infants & toddlers theme

Congratulations, you've made it through the first year of parenthood! Ask any new mama — who feels like just yesterday she brought home a newborn and is now planning baby's first birthday bash!

Keep the colour theme bright, neutral with hints of soft pastels.

Sectioned off an area for soft play is a safe and fun place for babies and toddlers to gather while bigger kids are busy with games like musical chairs. Place a soft mat in a corner of the room, or use click-together style baby gates to create a baby zone in the center of the room (the birthday boy is the center of attention, after all!) Fill the space with foam balls and soft blocks that babies can enjoy whenever they need a little time away from the bustle of the party.

Hand out plastic cups to kids, turn on a bubble-pumping machine and challenge them to catch as many bubbles as they can. The birthday girl may need some help, but even if she doesn’t completely grasp the concept, she’ll be just as happy to simply play with the bubbles. Don't have a bubble machine? Just have some of the older kids blow bubbles for the younger kids to catch!

In Mr Egg's 3-in-1 baby theme package, we provide a bouncy castle (Economy class #4 or Economy class #1) that are safer for infants between the ages of 0 - 3 years old, balloon twisting and a teddy bear mascot!

Sporty theme

This is for the active and sporty kids! Whether they are a football, rugby, basketball or soccer fan, planning one of these are going to be fun. A great idea is to have the party location nearby an open field where the children can run around and have a challenging sportive match!

But if the event will be held indoors, you can instead book an electronic basketball machine (just like the ones in arcades) from Mr Egg's 3-in-1 Sports theme package. This package also comes with inflatable game booths and a fun and games session where the children will be quizzed and participate in silly games.

Animal kingdom theme

If you have a little ones that seem to be getting into monkey business every time you turn around, then this Jungle Party might be the perfect birthday theme for your household. Let the gang go wild!

Give little adventurers an opportunity to explore with a creative expedition. Transform colored paper plates and plastic tablecloths into an adorable (and earth friendly) parrot. Simple shapes glued together and embellished with colourful strips make construction easy enough for small hands.

There's so many things to do with this super fun theme! But for additional entertainment, book the Jungle 3-in-1 package by Mr Egg. @ only $349 this package comes with an animal theme bouncy castle, face painting and balloon twisting all in the style of animals!

All of Mr Egg's 3-in-1 package are priced at $349 with transport fees for certain locations. If you would like to book a magician for the party, simply top up an addition $250!

For bookings or more info, visit or call 97955766 for a free consultation.

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